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Stéphane TABARY 
Les Bastides de la Chênaie - Villa 133
40, Chemin de la Source
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Date of birth : June 30th.1971 
French Citizenship 
Married, 3 children

Object Oriented Client-Server Programming / Database Access


Hardware UNIX (Sun-OS, Solaris, AIX, Linux), PC (Windows,OS/2)
Programming Languages  C++, C, SQL, HTML/XML/Javascript, Java, PHP, Perl, Pascal, Basic
Programming Environment  Microsoft .NET. Eclipse, Sniff+, JBuilder, PowerBuilder 3, Developer 5000/Forms 4.5, Delphi, Visual Basic 4, Visual Cafe, Kawa
Database Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Access, MySQL
Methods UML, OMT, Merise


1992-1995 École Centrale de Paris
Engineer’s degree. Major : Management of Information Systems 
Graduated with honors 
US equivalent : MS
1989-1992 Preparatory School. Major : Mathematics and Physics 
US equivalent : BS
1989 Baccalaureat C with honors (C means Mathematics and Science) 
Languages French : native 
English : fluent (2+ years of professionnal experience in US-UK) 
German : spoken, read and written


¤ Since March 1999 Amadeus Development (Sophia-Antipolis, FR)
Title : Department Manager
Function :Analyse and Programming in dvision Global Core
Main Projects :New Generation Inventory, Customer Server
Octobre 2005Profile and SBR Data Elements
 In charge of a department responsible for Customer Profile, Special Services Request and various elements of the passenger booking record.
The department groups three teams which represent around 30 co-workers. One team deals with all forms of Customer Profiles (Travel Agency, Frequent Flyer, Airline Staff). A second team ensures the link between these profiles and the distribution processes. It also deals with the management (validation, confirmation, ...) of Special Services Requests (special meal, wheel chair, excess baggage, ...) The third team deals with other passenger record data elements (names, remarques, security elements, ...) and provide a set of services to access and manage those data (elements links, history, passenger record split, ...).
 UML / C++, Java
 Rational Rose / .NET, Eclipse, Oracle
 Win XP / Linux
Sep 2004-Sep 2005Altea Plan
 In charge of the team responsible for availability calculation.
This team is specifically dedicated to the implementation of every algorithm in place for calculation of the availability of all flights from the network using the airline yield system recommendations.
 UML / C++, Java
 Rational Rose / Sniff+, JBuilder, Oracle
 Win 2K / Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Linux
Oct. 2001-Sep. 2004Altea Plan (product produced by project NGI)
 In charge of two teams responsible for interfacing NGI with current Amadeus distribution system.
One of the team is dedicated to the booking management and interfaces with NGI availability counters.
The other one is dedicated to the seat management and interfaces with NGI automatic pre-seating system.
 UML / C++, Java
 Rational Rose / Sniff+, JBuilder, Oracle
 Win 2K / Sun Solaris, HP-UX
Oct. 2000-Oct. 2001New Generation Inventory (NGI)
 Analysis and realisation of a Flights Inventory system, moved from the airlines IT towards amadeus.
In charge of the team making the study, preparing and developing required tools for the migration from the existing system to the NGI.
This migration is both fonctional (from the airline to amadeus) and technical (Mainframe / TPF to UNIX).
In charge as well of the team making the study and development of the product allowing to adapt a sell depending on criteria defining the requester.
 UML / C++, Java
 Rational Rose / Sniff+, JBuilder, Oracle
 Win NT / Sun Solaris, HP-UX
Mar.-Oct. 2000Customer Server - AURA
 Analyse and codding of a Java front-end allowing the creation of organization profiles onto the Customer Server.
Standalone Application talking to the UNIX server via TCP/IP-Edifact with the use of a Java API.
 Java 2 (jre 1.3)
 Win NT
March 99Customer Server - Phase2
 UNIX Version of a server which allow access to all information concerning a traveller. In particular it allows access to his preferences to fasten and increase quality of travel agent requests.
 SNIFF+, Informix
 SUN Solaris / HPUX

¤ May 1997-Fev. 1999 Sema Group Telecom (Sophia-Antipolis, FR)
Title : Project Engineer
Role :Development within the Broadvision One-To-One Systems Integration LOB
 and the Online Services Platforms LOB
Main projects :Thomas Cook, TAM, Metronet, Virgin Megastore
Jun.-Aug. 98Thomas Cook - Thomas Cook Online version 2, UK
 Specification and Development of a new version of Thomas Cook Online Travel Shop. Based on Broadvision's One-To-One, this new site ... (confidential for the moment, more info later on)
 C++, CORBA, HTML, Javascript
 One-To-One, Database
 SUN Solaris
Apr.-May 98CNET France Telecom (Caen) - TAM
 Development of a Java and Oracle Web Application Server based application to provide mobile(Web) access to the support database of public phones. Development of a mock-up, main support for a training to provide customer with java and OWAS development methods.
 Kawa/ Symantec Cafe, Oracle Web Application Server, JDBC,Remote Access Service
 Windows NT
Jul. 97-Mar. 98Metronet / Primus Online, Germany
 Complete development of an E-commerce platform based on Broadvision's One-To-One.
Within different projects the followings have been realised :
- Community of Interest environment which optimise cross selling and adverts targetting
- Stand Alone sites for home appliances (KaufHof), and for a design shop (WunderHaus)
- "Mall" site called Primus Online which groups editorials, chat and games to present it shops
- Complete backoffice and invoice management system for Primus Online Shops (CD4YOU, BuecherWurm, Byte On)
 C++, HTML, Java, Javascript, PL/SQL, CORBA
 One-To-One, Oracle, Orbix, RogueWave
 Sun / Solaris
May 97Virgin, Virgin Megastore, UK
 Development of Oracle stored procedures (PL/SQL) to automate orders transmission/confirmation between One-To-One and Megastore order management systems. The Virgin Megastore project is an electronic commerce site part of Virgin Net.
 One-To-One, Oracle 7.3
 Sun / Solaris

¤ Jan. 96-Apr. 97 Sema Group Telecoms (Reading, UK)
Title : National Civil Service, Support/Project Engineer for a French company abroad
Role :Development within the Multimedia division
Main projects :Cable Data's Intelecable, Cable Online/Virgin Net
Jun. 96-Apr. 97Cable Online - Virgin Net, UK
 Development of a Back-Office duration billing system for Internet provider Cable Online within the Virgin.Net project. Development of a mediation interface between Virgin Net Backoffice system, RADIUS Connection Manager and Cable Online Customer Management and Billing System.Development of a graphical interface to handle incorrect records.
 UNIX-X Window, Oracle Forms 4.5
 SUN Solaris, Windows
Jan.-Apr. 96CableData - Intelecable, UK
 Testing, debugging and developing extensions to a Cable Providers Customer Management System, CableData's Intelecable
 C, Pro*C, PL/SQL
 Oracle 7.2
 IBM RS8000 / AIX

¤ Jun.-Dec. 95 IBM Watson Research Center (Hawthorn, USA)
Title : Internship, end of studies validation training
Role :Development within OpenDoc Project
Project :Testing validation and development within OpenDoc Linking Team in charge of APIs to facilitate the creation of dynamic links between or within documents
Environment :C++, SOM-DSOM (CORBA)

¤ Jul.-Aug. 94 IBM (Paris, France)
Title : Internship
Role :Development within Personnal Dictation System Project (now called Via Voice Gold)
Project :Creation of additional vocabularies for lawyers and radiologists
Environment : Unix scripting


Sport Volley Ball and Golf (both leisure and competition)
Others Hicking, Movies